: what makes you become a monk?
: because I’m not happy. If one is happy, he won’t wanna be alone.
: ……

: are you happier now?
: um….. ye… yes… so so…
: why you choose in this temple?
: because of the energy here, the schedule and always accept the beginners and foreigners. I can’t imagine the other place.



This 3-day-2-night temple stay reminds my first workcamp a lot.

And I do miss it so much.

If I need to fill in the site assessment form, this temple, the project, is completely failed. No orientation. No welcoming. No farewell. It is just a come, Hi, and go, bye. Everything is natural like I never come. But during the programs, they prepare things for me, explain me how to do and help me sensitively. I’m always the one who taken care. And the schedule always allow me to digest what is happening, raise questions to different people and do what I wanna do, learn what I am curious. My time here is not quiet at all. I was even offered a bike trip with the others longer staying. But I have been back to myself, recharged completely and know where my balance is.

This is not the best temple to learn Japanese Zen. Don’t expect to “learn” a lot. But it is a great place to take a pause. A perfect pause.

*The temple is called Tekishinjuku. They aim at promoting Zendo to everyone, including foreigners. The master even has a temple in Germany. They don’t have regular program but always welcome anyone to join as long as they are able to.┬áDetails: here

*Kyoto, Japan