Sand mandala in Hong Kong by Bhutanese.

Learnt about this spiritual practice for long and was amazed by a documentary. And now I got a chance to see it REAL! in Hong Kong!

A group of monk from Bhutan went to Hong Kong sharing their culture and believe, Vajrayana (藏傳密宗) for a week. Two monks drew it in the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre for 5 days. (details)

They just drew it by their own hands only. No tools or even draft on paper. All images / symbols are from their mind. They even crafted the stone and colour the sand by themselves! From preparation to the start of “drawing”, it takes at least 1 week. The drawing stage takes another 1 week. However, after that, it will be gone forever.

Each monk in the temple has their own practice. For sand mandala, it takes them more than 8 years to practice day by day. They need to be fully devoted and memorize all the mandala. Each mandala is representing 1 Buddha with their own blessing, lesson and meaning.


13118918_10154929327234569_4503774415972454038_nIt is like an architect with three dimensional view. Not only about the material, Sand, has their height, but also the Mandala is actually the Buddhism temple in the bird-eye view. When they draw the mandala, they are building a temple. When we look into the Mandala, we are travelling in the Mandala with our soul. That’s meditation.

This is such a crazy work! Finally, I could see the real one! Impressive and unbelievably devoted spirit!